“The easy way to create professional desktop applications”

Building desktop applications doesn't have to be difficult. Using Python with Qt you can create fully functional apps in minutes.

Starting with a basic window on your desktop, this book will take you through to building real applications including a web browser and a clone of Minesweeper.

  • Build your first app
  • Signals, slots and event-based programming
  • Building interfaces with Qt Creator
  • Packaging and distributing PyQt5 applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux

I've been developing Python desktop applications for 8 years using Qt. It's a great way to get started building professional and portable apps on your desktop.

— Martin Fitzpatrick

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    • Based on PyQt 5
    • Compatible with Python 2.7 & 3.5+
    • Includes PDFEPub and Kindle formats.

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    What you'll learn

    Starting from the very basics of creating a desktop window the book takes you on a tour of the key features of PyQt you can use to build real-life applications.

    The ebook covers — Installing PyQt (Windows, Mac, Linux), Creating a Qt Application, Signals, ActionWidgets, Layouts, Dialogs, designing apps with Qt Creator, Advanced Signals & Events, Multithreading Qt applications, Packaging applications.

    Sample pages from the chapters "Basic Qt Features", "Qt Creator" and the Minesweeper demo application.

    About the author

    Martin Fitzpatrick

    A self-taught programmer with over 25 years experience, including 8+ years with Python. I love the flexibility Python gives you to create fun and useful things quickly.

    The Complete Package

    Everything you need to start building your own PyQt applications today.

    The book

    166 page ebook taking you from your very first PyQt app to advanced concepts.

    Full video course

    Complete 2½ hour video course to accompany the book.

    Source code

    Python source for all examples from the book.


    A complete minesweeper clone built in PyQt, with source code.

    Mozzarella Ashbadger

    Fully functional web browser built in PyQt, with source code.

    Just the book

    Which is still pretty great, actually.

    This is a great choice if you learn best by reading, or just want the basics.  It contains all you need to know to start building your very own desktop applications with Python & Qt. With a walk-through of the most important concepts with complete examples.

    166 page ebook in PDF, ePub & Kindle formats.


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